15 Inch Dual Car Subwoofers

Choosing Subwoofers for Your Car

Entertainment is everywhere in the modern world. Many people spend a lot of time in their car driving to work or traveling, and they need something to keep them entertained during their time on the road. For this reason, they install car speaker systems, including car subwoofers, to enjoy clear, engaging music and other audio.

How Do I Choose the Right Subwoofers for My Car?

Unless you are technologically minded and understand the technical terms associated with sound systems and speakers, it can be hard to choose decent subwoofers for your car. Terms like ohm, voice coil, DVC, and peak power might initially mean nothing, and it can make it near impossible to choose a sound system for your car. The following should help simplify your choice, allowing you to choose not only a car subwoofer, but also a woofer and an amplifier if necessary:

  • Decide what sort of subwoofer you want - There are a variety of subwoofers on the market, each of which aims for a different type of car audio system. These include component, enclosed, powered, and vehicle specific subwoofers. Many people go for the vehicle-specific option (molded speakers) because they fit into designated speaker slots in your vehicle.
  • Think about speaker specs - This is where things get tricky if you dont understand the technical aspects of a sound system. For example, you will have the choice of single or double voice coils. Generally, double coils provide better sound, but this depends on your sound system as a whole.
  • Your vehicle acoustics - If you want to optimize your vehicles sound system, then you need to think about its acoustics. You may decide to include an amplifier to improve sound quality. You may also decide to get higher or lower decibel (dB) subwoofers, depending on your needs.

What Should I Be Careful of When Choosing Subwoofers?

When choosing subwoofers and any other sound or electrical components for your vehicle, you need to be careful of a number of things to make sure that you get what you want. Be aware of the following:

  • Understand that subwoofers are just one part of a car audio system. You also need woofers, tweeters, and sometimes even a mid-range speaker.
  • If you already have an amplifier, make sure that you get speakers with the same impedance (measured in ohms).
  • Make sure that you explore your options, and if necessary, speak to someone who specialists in car audio systems. This helps prevent you from getting something that isnt right for your vehicle.