16mm Film Splicers

Exploring 16mm Film Splicers Movie Editing Equipment for Movie Projects

Film splicer equipment can be used during various editing projects. Multiple brands offer 16mm splicer tools in various sizes with a metal housing. These 16mm film splicers movie editing equipment are manufactured in various configurations for different purposes.

What are the 16mm film splicer product brands?

Multiple brands make film splicer solutions for simple and tactical projects. The splicer options include:

  • Arri: Arri splicer tools are designed with multiple mechanisms that change the layout on the housing. These products are built with a thick, block frame that supports 16mm film.
  • Griswold: Griswold film splicer accessories have a classic design scheme that features a heavy-duty metal. These splicer units have various mechanisms that give a user the ability to tackle splicing tasks that involve 16mm and 8mm film.
  • Keystone: Film splicer units by Keystone have a stainless steel housing with rubber feet. Because the housing components are very compact, accessories by this brand can be used during mobile projects.
  • Kodak: Kodak film splicer accessories are also engineered for 16mm and 8mm film. However, many products are manufactured with hardware that can operate normally or silently. Depending on the splicer equipment, helpful items may be included, such as multiple bottles for chemicals.
  • Mansfield: Mansfield tools are manufactured with a traditional and silent mode for 16mm and 8mm film as well. Many splicers by this brand have auto-splicing hardware.
What are the film splicing product features?

All 16mm film splicer products have a polyester base because this material helps the hardware effectively splice film. Splicer tools are also manufactured with presstapes; this solution gives you the ability to join multiple rolls of film successfully during the editing process. It also simplifies the process of using a film leader. The film leader is very important since it protects a film by preventing severe damage after a tape is mounted in a projector.

What are the housing specs for different 16mm film splicers?

Most 16mm splicer products by different brands have housing features that can be used during the splicing process. For example, some splicer units that are designed for strategic splicing routines have a convenient handle that raises and lowers the main component on the housing. These film splicer units also have a mechanism underneath the handle that holds and rotates a 16mm roll of film. Many 16mm products made for dual splicing routines have an upgraded design that includes two handles. Since dual-design splicer units hold two rolls, the handles are placed in a different spot on the housing.