Las siguientes llantas son de tamaño 205/55-16

Tips On Picking 205/55-16 Winter Tires

As soon as the temperatures outside drop, the potential for harsh weather conditions like snowfall increases. This is the time when it is a good idea to put on your winter tires to prepare your vehicle for safe driving in all kinds of unpredictable winter weather. You can find a wide variety of these affordable tires from several brands on eBay.

When should you switch the tires?

The 205/55-16 tire size for winter are usually switched as soon as the average temperature starts dropping below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Another way to know is to check if you can see your breath in the air; if so, then it is time to switch to your winter tires.

What is the difference between studded and non-studded tires?

Studded tires have metal studs that are placed on important fraction points on the treads. These tires are good for conditions with lots of ice and rough snow, as the studs give your vehicle additional stability on slippery roads. They are not so good for paved roads when there is no snowfall. Purchase them only if there is sleet and rough snow where you live throughout most of the winter. Make sure that the state you are living in permits these types of tires, and keep them on within the permitted time frame.

What are the factors that affect traction?

The most important part of the car wheels is the treads on the surface of the wheel. The three factors that are important are:

  • Tread pattern: An optimized tread pattern has a different way of handling slippery roads than standard ones.
  • Tread depth: The depth has to be sufficient so the car can steer through snowfall or slush.
  • Tread compound: The material from which the rubber is made is designed to be softer and have a grip on the ground even as the temperatures drop very low.
What types of winter tires are there?
  • Performance: Performance types are made for seasonal conditions that do not have as much snow. They are good for clear roads on cold or warmer winter days. They are easier to drive with and have a higher speed rating than studless tires. They are good for the city where a lot of driving on ice and deep snowfall is not necessary and the streets are cleaned regularly.
  • Studless: This type is good for adverse winter conditions like heavy snowfall and ice. They are made from a compound that provides traction on all road surfaces.