Road Tires for Trucks and Cars at 225/75-15

Your tire size on the road can dictate the quality of your driving experience. Make every mile count with the right vehicle size, speed rating, and sidewall height for your car rim. There are a variety of tires that meet your specifications on eBay, and you can find them marked as 225/75-15.

How much weight can a 225/75-15 tire handle?

The 225/75-15 tire is an everyday tire with the capacity for common car weights. Its strength is mostly used for hauling and pulling trailers, horses, and motorcycle platforms. The tire?s rating is suitable for cargo, and its size reflects this. The fender flares of a common boat trailer will accommodate the width of a 225. These tires are made with smaller dimensions to provide a vehicle with more control when pulling. Larger tires are difficult to pull as they gain more traction on the road. A trailer has to be maneuvered by the active wheels of a car or truck and needs to follow those wheels rather than lead.

Where does a tire get its mile strength from?

Modern tires are made through the synthetics of the butyl compound. This is a durable class of rubber that has less elasticity than common forms. The stiffness of the modern radial rubber is ideal for vehicles. The material manages multiple tons of weight from a common car or truck. Additional layers are added through more synthetics when creating the durability of a 225/75-15. There are many brands available on eBay with these classes of materials:

  • The steel belt: This is a thin belt of steel within your tire. The metal band wraps around the length and width of your wheels. It adds structure to the rubber and stops it from reshaping when hit by outside objects.
  • Nylon and polyester: Such compounds are found in clothing, yet they offer a bit more flexibility for road tires. Modern tires use a diverse group of synthetics. Nylon and polyester are constructed as layers called the carcass ply. Additional support is then added with rubber and outer treads.
  • The sidewall: This section creates the height of your tire and helps you to read the rating of the set you have. Read your user?s manual for the right dimensions and see which eBay options match your vehicle needs.
Can tires improve engine performance?

Consider the treads of your tires to find the right performance ratio between your fuel consumption and engine output.