Las siguientes llantas son de tamaño 235/60-15

Purchasing Tires for Dependability, Safety, and Performance

Your passenger car, light truck, or muscle car will need the most dependable and safest tires for your particular needs and wants. Tire brands such as Cooper make tires like the Cooper Cobra tire to address specific vehicle needs. 235 x 60 x 15 tires are designed to fit certain types of vehicles.

Brands offering 235 x 60 x 15 tires for cars and trucks

Your passenger car or truck needs safe and dependable everyday driving tires. Some of the brands that manufacture 235 x 60 x 15 tires include the following:

  • BFGoodrich
  • Michelin
  • Bridgestone
  • Yokohama
  • Cooper
What do any letters on tires mean?

The numbers on tires stand for certain things. For instance, Cooper Cobra 235 60 vr 15 tires are designed for the performance-hungry muscle car enthusiast. The all-season tires are designed to perform in all kinds of weather. Additionally, the lettering on Cooper Cobra tires has raised white lettering. The letter "v" means that the tire can safely be driven for up to 149 miles per hour.

What do the numbers mean?

The first number, 235, represents the width of the tire in millimeters. The second number, 60, is the aspect ratio of a tires sidewall height to the tires width. The last number, the 15, tells you that your tire will fit on 15-inch diameter rims. 235 x 60 x 15 tires are usually for mid-size vehicles and minivans. Generally, the higher the serial tires numbers, the larger the size of the manufacturers tire.

What to keep in mind when considering used 235 x 60 x 15 car and truck tires

While used 235 x 60 x 15 tires are generally cheaper than new ones, youll want to consider certain factors before deciding whether the tires you find on eBay are right for you. First, consider how often you use the vehicle you plan on placing the tires on. If youre going to be driving 50 miles or more a day with the tires, you might want to go ahead and purchase new ones that have better tread. Youll also want to inspect the tread of any used tires you consider to make sure the tires arent too worn. You dont want the tread to be so smooth that its almost in line with the tire. The tread should stick up out from the tire a bit and shouldnt be rubbed all the way down.