Keep Your Vehicle Going With 235 x 75 x 15 Car or Truck Tires

A good set of tires in the 235 x 75 x 15 range can breathe some new life into your favorite car or truck and possibly give you a smoother ride. Youll find a wide selection of new and pre-owned 235 x 75 x 15 tires available on eBay at reasonable prices. Understanding the different possibilities for these tires and how to choose a set will help you find a match for your car.

Which types of 235 x 75 x 15 tire sets are there?

Tires with the 235 x 75 x 15 designation give you an idea about the section width, aspect ratio, or wheel diameter that they can support. However, different types of tires can have these numbers. Some of the common types you will come across are the following:

  • All-season - These 235 x 75 x 15 tires are designed for use in both summer and winter months. They are intended to provide your vehicle with a bit of extra traction in icy conditions but also work as standard tires.
  • Off-road - If you need some tires that deal with terrain off the beaten path, these may be a good choice. Such tires may be slightly larger or more robust to handle rough terrain or small obstacles.
  • Standard - A car that sees a lot of use on regular roadways might benefit from a regular set of 235 x 75 x 15 tires.
Choosing a 235 x 75 x 15 tire set

Knowing that you need a set of 235 x 75 x 15 tires is half the battle, but there are a few other ways you can narrow your search to get the kind you need for your car or truck. Some of the ways you might choose your tires are the following:

  • Wheel load - Each tire comes with a recommended wheel load. This load index gives you an estimate of how much weight a single tire can carry. You can use it to determine which set is right for your needs.
  • Speed ratings - Many tires are tested in lab settings to determine the maximum speed rating they can handle on the open road.
When should you buy used 235 x 75 x 15 tires?

Youll find both brand new and used 235 x 75 x 15 tires available for purchase on eBay. Note that in most cases, 235 x 75 x 15 tires that are listed as used have minimal or no wear and are intended to function as new tires. These may be repackaged models. If youre planning to purchase a whole set of tires for your car or truck, buying them used can be a great way to find them at inexpensive prices while still getting like-new quality levels.