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Winter Tires Help Your Car Battle Cold, Snowy, and Icy Roads

Drivers often fear they wont be able to brake effectively when cold weather road conditions turn harsh. Tires designed for the winter months by such companies as Firestone, Goodyear, Cooper, and more could improve safety levels when driving on ice and snow. eBay can help you match the necessary on-road and off-road tires for your car, truck, or another vehicle.

What is meant by enhanced grip?

A winter tire must grab onto wet, icy, and snowy roads. Top brands often manufacture special snow tires in an advanced way to grip the road better. Tires could also come built with uniquely crafted "blades" in the center. The unique tire blades support better stopping and starting on wintry roads.

What is an HT tire?

HT -- also listed as H/T -- refers to "highway terrain." The tires work to improve traction during highway driving. With the appropriate tire size and width selection, the chosen selections fit any number of different vehicles. From SUVs to heavy-duty trucks, an H/T tire can likely match a specific vehicle and its wheel. Drivers who spend a lot of time on the highway may find these tires invaluable.

How do manufacturers enhance the performance of their tires?

A manufacturer may release snow tires with a multitude of different features designed to improve how they handle on the road. The actual compound used to make the tires may include additional components to strengthen resistance. This way, the tire is less inclined to damage-induced cracking or suffering wear which, in turn, improves traction. Be aware that tires still do suffer wear from use and age. A unique material compound may be used to make the tread more effective. Adding ridges to the tires reflects another way performance may be improved.

What is noise reduction technology?

Snow tires often come with an integrated enhanced noise reduction design. The tread blocks are not the same size; since the blocks are varied, the tires ability to generate noise decreases. Noise reduction isnt the only feature on these tires. The tires also offer circumferential grooves intended to improve traction during wet road conditions.