Reliable Car and Truck Tires 265 x 70 x 17

Todays car and truck tires are designed to look good on the roads but still be rugged enough for off-road performance. With treads optimized for stability and traction, the tires provide a strong grip and self-cleaning capabilities. Using high-tensile strength steel belts on the inside, tires for your car or truck sized to 265 x 70 x 17 provide lasting durability for many safe and happy miles.

What should you consider when shopping for 265 x 70 x 17 tires?

When shopping for new 265 x 70 x 17 tires for your car or truck, consider the following:

  • Performance tested - Find tires that have been thoroughly tested for braking and handling.
  • Reviews - Pay attention to what others say about a tires comfort, noise, and roll-resistance before you buy.
  • Your location - What would be the best type of tire for where you live or what would be the best tire for where you plan on driving most? Pay attention to terrain, weather, and any other environmental conditions that might have an impact on your tires.
How are all-season tires different from winter tires?

Friction is key when it comes to getting good traction. In winter weather, friction can be difficult. All-season tires are designed to get good traction in snowy and wet weather conditions. Using reinforced sidewalls to keep tire shoulders on the road, they have microgrooves that have biting edges that lock for strength. This gives them a better grip when youre executing turns on wet roads. Winter tires are crafted to stay soft and more pliable at lower temperatures. They are better able to mold themselves to the small irregularities of wintry road surfaces to give you an improved grip.

Other tire options

In addition to the tire type, there are other options you can choose from when getting 265 x 70 x 17 tires. Some include:

  • Load Index - The load index tells you how much weight the tire can handle. For 265 x 70 x 17 tires, you can find load indexes of 113, 115, 118, and 121. A tire with a load index of 113, for example, can handle 2,535 lbs. Make sure to check the manufacturers site for details.
  • Quantity - You can choose how many tires you want. If you need to replace a tire, you can simply but one. If you need to replace all of your tires or a couple, bundle options are available.
  • Sizing - Even though these tires are 265 x 70 x 17, you need to look at the tire sizing system. There are light truck and passenger options, and there are also options that arent specified.