Finding the Right Tire for Your Vehicle

An all-terrain tire can handle various road conditions and help provide your vehicle with the proper grip, even when off-road driving. Their thick treads provide enough traction to help keep you safe during any weather conditions. Whether you need it for summer or winter, there is a tire available on eBay.

What are some features of an all-terrain tire?

These tires have an open tread design. The interlocking tread elements provide a grip on rocks and mud. They also can handle paved roads as well. Some models also have reinforced sidewalls, which allows you to have more load capacity per tire. You will see this feature used for heavier truck tires. These tires are also all-purpose tires that can go from wet to dry conditions seamlessly.

Are these tires suitable for winter driving?

These tires are designed to be used on and off the road, so their deep treads can provide you with enough traction during the winter months. These tires are suitable for use throughout the year as well. If you live in an area with a lot of snow and ice, you should consider a winter rated tire. Often, winter tires are still considered an all-terrain model as well. They have a thicker rubber compound that provides more grip on slick surfaces. Most owners choose this tire for use in the snow and mud.

How big is a 265-75-16 size wheel?

This size is generally used for light duty vehicles. This tire provides additional traction over various surfaces. The tire has the following measurements:

  • Diameter - 31.6 inches
  • Width - 10.4 inches
  • Wheel - 16 inches by 7-9 inches
  • Sidewall - 7.8 inches
  • Circumference - 99.4 inches
  • Revolutions per mile - 638

What do the tires side markings mean?

The markings indicate the safety specifications of your tire. This information includes:

  • Class - This letter specifies the vehicle class. You may want to find a tire that is rated LT (light-duty truck).
  • Section Width Tread - This is the measurement between the sidewall is the section width.
  • Aspect Ratio - Aspect ratio is the height of the wheel.
  • Speed Rating - This is the maximum speed that you can drive on the tire.