How to Buy High Performance 275 x 40 x 20 Car and Truck Tires Online

For the sports car owner, weekend drag-racer, or professional sports-car driver, high-performance tires, like 275 x 40 x 20 tires, are essential. They are soft and grip the road for maximum acceleration and power. In fact, adding performance tires is one of the best and cheapest ways to improve your sports car’s speed and horsepower.

What you need to know about 275 x 40 x 20 racing tires for cars and trucks

The most important thing to understand about high-performance tires is they are meant for racing and not everyday driving. Performance tires are very soft, so they grip the ground. If you choose to use a professional installer, you can arrange to have your tires shipped right to your tire installer of choice. 275 40r20 tires are approved for 9-inch to 11-inch wheels. They are 28.7 inches in diameter, have a circumference of 90 inches, a 20-inch wheel diameter, a section width that is 10.8 inches, and a revolution rate of 704 per mile.

High-performance 275 x 40 x 20 tires for cars and trucks by brand

There are several tire brands known for their high-performance tires like Nitto and Perrelli. Here is a quick rundown of two respected high-performance tires.

  • 275 x 40 x 20 Nitto tires: Nitto used the performance technology from racing tires to create a street-legal drag racing tire. These tires use a soft racing tread compound that gives great traction.
  • Pirelli P Zero tires: Pirelli has taken 100 years of experience in motorsports and used it to create max-performance summer P Zero 275 x 40 zr 20 tires. Pirelli 275 x 40zr20 p zero tires are made with a special carbon and silica tread compound that evens out the performance of the tire whether it’s hot or cold. This spans over the life of the tire.
What should you consider when buying car and truck tires?

When you choose your new or used tires 275 x 40 x 20 size, you should consider the following:

  • Type: Make sure the tire you pick is intended for light trucks. The letters LT should appear at the beginning of the code
  • Size: Another factor is tire size. You can find the tire size information for your truck on the inside of the drivers side door and in the owners manual.
  • Tread: Youll also want to pay attention to the tread style and ply; 10 is the recommended amount for truck tires.
  • Condition: Consider whether the tires are used or new. Used 275 x 40 x 20 tires might be more affordable than new ones, but they will generally have more wear too.