Learning More About the Useful 275/60/15 Car and Truck Tire Size

Both cars and trucks can benefit from the 275/60/15 tire size. This component is versatile, common, and easily replaceable. New and used 275/60/15 tire sizes are available on eBay for affordable prices.

When is it best to use a 275/60/15 tire?

Both cars and trucks find this tire suitable in most cases. You can expect a good fit with rim diameters of roughly 15 to 18 inches. These tires are made with an aspect ratio of 60 and above. The tread depth reaches a range of 11, and this helps to make the tire an everyday tool for the common vehicle. These tires weigh in the range of 31 pounds. Expect reasonable gas mileage, little noise, and practical use in wet, dry, or oily conditions. There is a vast array of inexpensive brands and makes to consider through the eBay category.

Why are these tires so heavy?

The weight of a tire comes from its many layers of construction. The rubber that vehicles rely on should be able to drive over sharp ends. Vehicle tires also need to be durable, hitting hard objects on the road and moving forward without any problems. These features call for heavy compounds. Here?s a glimpse into the construction:

  • Nylon belts: This is a layer of nylon braided into numerous cables wrapped around the frame of the tire. The nylon belts also provide an additional layer of resistance to outside elements.
  • Steel belts: The nylon strands within a tire hold a steel belt in place and offer protection against direct contact with the road. This steel offers structure and extends around the tire?s length and width.
  • Radial construction: Radial is the tire being used as our modern standard. This construction is preferred. It uses layers to create the body of a tire and offers manufacturers a larger selection of options to create.
Is gas mileage important with new tires?

The type of tires you select will dictate the gas performance of your engine. The way you can manage this is by making a simple analysis. Off-road tires have treads that make it difficult for them to be effective at gripping pavement. The extra work requires the engine to output more and thus burn more gas. Common sizes like 275/60/15 are helpful in maintaining your vehicle?s daily efficiency.