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Everything You Need to Know About Buying 275/65/18 Tires for Your Car or Truck

Very few events are more frustrating than getting stuck on the road with a flat tire and having to call for assistance. If you have a spare tire that fits your car or truck, you could change out the flat yourself and get back on the road. On eBay, you can find affordable 18-inch tires from all sorts of brands.

Meaning of the 275/65/18 tire size code

If youre not familiar with cars and auto parts, you may be confused as to the exact meaning of the 275/65/18 tire code. These are figures that express particular dimensions of car and truck tires. The first number, 275, is the width of the tire in millimeters. A width of 275 is a wider tire size thats more common in all-terrain vehicles. The second number, 65, is an expression of the tires aspect ratio. Specifically, it means that the result of dividing the tires width by its height is 65%. The last number is the size of the wheel that the tire fits on. A 275/65/18 tire will fit on a wheel with an 18-inch diameter.

Which vehicles would 275/65/R18 tires be compatible with?

275/65/R18 tires are relatively big tires that would fit large SUVs and pickup trucks. While you should measure the wheel well of your vehicle first before purchasing tires, heres a sampling of the vehicles that use 275/65/18 tires:

  • Sequoia Tundra - The Sequoia Tundra is the SUV version of Toyotas original pickup truck. Both the first- and second-generation models can use 275/65/R18 tires.
  • Ford Expedition - The Ford Expedition is slightly smaller than the Sequoia Tundra because its a four-door SUV instead of a five-door SUV. However, it still uses the same size of tires.
  • Dodge Ram - The Dodge Ram series is a line of pickup trucks for personal and commercial use. The mid-weight truck has a reputation of being able to drive over all kinds of terrain. Thats why it takes the 275-millimeter tires.
  • Nissan Titan XD - The Nissan Titan XD is the brands 2019 pickup truck. The wheels are slightly bigger on this model than its predecessors, so if you have an older Nissan Titan, check to make sure a 275/65/18 wheel would fit.
Which 275/65/R18 tires are available on eBay?

You can find tire chains 275/65/18 and used tires 275/65/18 on eBay as well as new and pre-owned tires. There are many different brands to choose from, such as Westlake tires 275/65/18. Other tire brands available for purchase include Crosswind and Summit Trail.