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Tips for Finding 275 x 65 x 20 Car Truck Tires

You need to replace your tires, but youre unsure of which one is right for your car or truck. The road conditions youll be driving in affect the type of 275 x 65 x 20 tires youll need. With different specifications and features to consider, you can search for tires that meet your needs.

What types of 275 x 65 x 20 tires are there?
  • All-season: These have a speed rating between 112-118 mph. All-season tires are designed for use year-round and are rated between 40,000 to 100,000 miles.
  • Performance: Performance tires can come in all-season or three-season versions. These have a speed rating between 130 mph up to 186 mph. These types are designed to provide traction and handling.
  • Winter: These types are built with rubber that is designed to stay pliable in colder temperatures. This design allows the tires to grip the road easier on snowy or icy surfaces.
  • All-terrain: All-terrain tires are designed for paved roads and off-roading.
Essentials to look for when choosing 275 x 65 x 20 tires
  • Type of tire: The type of tire selected depends on the type of driving that you commonly do. In some cases you may need various tire types that can be changed out.
  • Temperature resistance: This will be listed on a tire as A, B, or C and shows the speeds that the tire is capable of getting rid of heat. This range goes from A at 115 mph to C that ranges from 85 to 100 mph.
  • Treadwear: This will be listed as a 3-digit code, and 100 is considered the standard level of wear with 200 being double the standard amount.
  • Traction: These will range from AA, A, B, and C based on the stopping power on wet road surfaces going from best to worst.
  • Internal construction: Radial tires make use of steel and nylon cords located under the tread. Bias-ply tires use a belt-like layer that is placed under the tread.
What to consider before buying 275 x 65 x 20 tires
  • Driving style: This can range from sports cars that can need performance tires, trucks that can make use of all-terrain, or touring tires for regular trips.
  • Road conditions: For SUVs and trucks that frequent uneven surfaces, 275 x 65 x 20 off-road tires or all-terrain tires can enable your vehicle to better handle these conditions.
  • Load: Vehicles that frequently tow or carry loads may need light-truck or special trailer tires that are designed for carrying loads for extended periods of time.
  • Number of tires needed: Depending on the wear of your existing tires, you may need one, a pair, or a full set.