Replace Your Worn 285 x 45 x 22 Tires With New Ones

A new set of 285 x 45 x 22 tires might improve the handling of your car or truck and give the vehicle a fresh look on the open road. There are many kinds of 285 x 45 x 22 tires to choose from on eBay, and each type is intended to fill specific needs. Browsing through the large selection of tires can help you find the set that works for you and fits your preferences.

What sizing systems are used for 285 x 45 x 22 tires?

All tires with numbers such as 285 x 45 x 22 come with additional information that can give you a better idea of how they work and what they might do for your vehicle. Some of the letters you find on these tires relate to the sizing system, and this information helps you determine the type of vehicle the tire is designed for. These include the following:

  • Passenger: A tire such as 285 x 45 x 22 is intended for use on passenger vehicles. This category usually includes cars, minivans, light pickups, and some sport utility vehicles.
  • Light truck: This type of 285 x 45 x 22 tire size tells uses an LT designation to tell you that it is for vehicles that carry heavier loads or tow things regularly.
Types of 285 x 45 x 22 tires

All 285 x 45 x 22 tires on eBay are designed with particular driving needs in mind. Some of the types you will come across are the following:

  • Performance: These tires are usually meant for driving at higher speeds on open roads. You can check the maximum speed rating to ensure the tires meet your needs.
  • Summer: If you typically drive a light car or truck on paved roads in stable conditions, these tires might be a great choice for your vehicle.
  • 4 x 4: These 285 x 45 x 22 versions are designed to work with certain off-road vehicles.
Can you get full sets of new and preowned 285 x 45 x 22 models?

eBay carries a broad range of both new and preowned 285 x 45 x 22 tires for your convenience. Shopping for used tires can be a great way to get a complete set at an inexpensive price point or to allow you to outfit several vehicles at once. Youll find that many used tires are simply repackaged and have no signs of wear but offer affordable prices. You can find the specific number of tires you need thanks to eBay. Full sets of 285 x 45 x 22 tires are available, but you can choose one, two, or three individual tires as well.