Las siguientes llantas son de tamaño 285/55-20

What You Need to Know About Car and Truck Tires

Your car or truck can give you a smooth ride if its equipped with the right set of tires. If you know the appropriate size, you can narrow down your choices to a few specific brands and types. With basic knowledge about styles, tread designs, and sidewall details, you can pick the right wheels for your vehicle.

What type of wheels can resist cupping?

Highway and all-season tires are very resistant to cupping. Unless you have snow tires on your car or neglect routine rotation, you shouldnt have a problem with uneven tread wear. All-terrain and mud tires are prone to cupping and need to be rotated often.

Should a sidewalls aspect ratio be high or low?

The aspect ratio affects your steering, and you need your vehicle to respond quickly to lateral force when youre turning. A low aspect ratio means that your sidewall is short, meaning good stability and performance. A short sidewall means that the tire doesnt flex well at high speeds. Sidewalls with high aspect ratios are usually the right size for classic cars. For trucks, a low aspect ratio is usually between 70-80%.

Whats the difference in circumferentially and radially arranged tread blocks?

The difference is in the design of the tread and the way the rubber grabs the road surface. A circumferential design has a straight line of tread blocks around the wheels circumference; the tread cuts directly into water and disperses it. With low-rolling friction, this design is widely used for all-season tires and works well in rain. Radially arranged tread blocks are lined up across the tire from the inside to the outside; they grab the surface each time they contact the road. This tread design can handle rain, snow, and mud. If you drive an all-terrain vehicle, you need radially arranged tread blocks.

What companies manufacture 285/55/20 tires?

A good number of tire manufacturers make tires in this size, for both cars and trucks. A few of them include:

  • BFGoodrich: G-Force, All-Terrain, Mud Terrain
  • Michelin: LTX A/T2, E-Series
  • Falken: Wildpeak A/T3W, Rubitrek
  • Hankook: Dynapro
  • Toyo: Open Country, Open Country AT II Xtreme, Open Country R/T