Las siguientes llantas son de tamaño 285/65-18
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285/65/18 All Terrain Wheels for Your Car and Truck

A wider width on a tire gives you a larger ground area to work with when driving. Consider the 285/65/18 model when it fits your rim and the vehicle you drive. You can find out your car?s suitable tire dimensions by reading your owner?s manual.

Is a 285/65/18 good for snow and ice?

This all-weather road tire is suitable for cold temperatures and slippery conditions. This includes snow and ice. There are strong mud ratings designed for the 285/65/18. You?ll often find this range compatible with sporty trucks, SUVs, and cars. The plies used in the construction of this range can be found at extra-large circumferences. Inner materials are usually twine and polyester threading. The light truck rating of the 285/65/18 makes it agile and flexible for both off-roading and daily commutes.

What should you look for in these tires?

Modern tires are designed based on radial engineering. This manufacturing is used to employ a type of layering system that makes modern tires effective against outside conditions. A completely sealed tire remains enclosed through its liner. The liner is only one of many layers used to construct the modern assemblies we see today. These many layers help to keep the elements at bay while you drive. Here are other factors to consider:

  • Tread patterns: The patterns of the treads enable tires to compress the water they drive through. The more worn out the treads around a tire are, the more slippery the conditions can be. Compressing water creates what?s almost a solid plane to drive on. This is why the outer layer of the treads are attached to the plies. The plies are a foundation area for treads to be chemically attached to.
  • Sidewall diameter: Indications made by the numeral of 285 in the 285/65/18 measures width. This is a diameter that adds traction and stability to your drive.
  • Filler: This is a synthetic compound used to pack in the layers of your tire and to create a dense body that will be difficult to penetrate.
How do you get terrain wheels to fit properly?

Your tire needs to match with the spacing you have over the fender flares of your car. Each tire is neatly tucked into a vehicle?s flares to ensure that water and mud don?t get splashed upward as you drive. Finding the right fit also requires that you consult with your user?s manual.