What You Need to Know About 285 x 70 x 17 Car and Truck Tires

While tires might not be the most exciting thing to think about, they play an important role in what a car or truck can or cannot do. Youll find new and used 285 x 70 17 tires on eBay to match a wide variety of cars and trucks for all conditions.

Types of 285 x 70 x 17 tires

Tires are designed for a particular vehicle type, use, and size. The following are some of the types of tires available:

  • Performance tires - This 285 70r17 tire type is designed to improve the performance of your vehicle. It allows for better cornering, increased handling, and makes driving faster.
  • Off-road tires - These tires feature the largest, most aggressive tread pattern among all kinds of tires. It was engineered to withstand the challenges presented by mud, snow, and silt. The 285 x 70 x 17 mud tires are an example of this type.
  • Run-flat tires - This tire type was made to combat the problem of finding yourself with a deflated tire in the middle of nowhere. It also allows you to drive a much slower speed and limited distance even with a deflated tire.
What should I know before buying a 285 x 70 x 17 tire?

Tires are an important part of any vehicle as they are the medium between the car or truck and the road. So, there are a couple of things to consider before buying tires.

First, know the tire size that you need. You can determine the size of your current tire by looking for the set of numbers on the tire wall. The letters and numbers point out the tires type, width, and aspect ratio among other things. The last two numbers designate the wheel size, which is critical in selecting the proper tire. If you see a 285 x 70 x 17 tire size, that means they fit a wheel that is 17 inches.

Fuel economy is another factor to consider when purchasing tires. Experts recommend getting a tire with low rolling resistance to save on gas.

Lastly, check the reviews of the tire. A little research can let you catch a glimpse of whether a certain tire fits your vehicles needs. Additionally, you might also want to consider the following factors that might affect your driving:

  • Grip
  • Tread
  • Rolling resistance
  • Wear (if buying used)
What are the differences between 285 x 70 x 17 tires designated for a passenger vehicle versus a truck?

Tires used for 4 x 4 trucks are usually designed with more widely spaced treads, deeper tire groves, and larger tread blocks compared to tires used in passenger cars. This design allows these vehicles to keep moving even on non-concrete roads. Passenger tires are the opposite of truck tires. They are designed to carry a lighter load and run efficiently on city roads.