Las siguientes llantas son de tamaño 285/75-17

Nitto and Toyo Tires for Cars or Trucks

Nitto and Toyo have all-season treads to get your truck accustomed to any road. A number of brands provide the 285/75/17 with different rim sizes and lengths. Finding the right choice begins with a look at your user?s manual and the eBay catalogue.

Does a 285/75/17 tire apply to daily conditions?

The mile-by-mile performance of the 285/75/17 is ideal for daily performance. This tire allows you to get spontaneous. Find a section off-road where it will traction well. The dynamic of the 285?s performance is dictated by the car you have. Trucks adapt at this size as do many sporty cars. Rim sizes are between 9, 10.5, and 17 inches. This is an all-season tire with high speed ratings. It uses quiet reduction technology with an aspect ratio of 17. Light trucks and SUVs find the model durable due to common tread depths of 17/32nds of an inch. You can find it with diameters of 33.82 to 34 inches.

Are 285/75/17 weight-rated?

The load rating of a 285 gives you an idea of the performance potential of your vehicle. The tires carry the weight of the vehicle and transfer it to the road. This requires a larger diameter for larger cars and for off-road conditions. The load rating is found on the face of every tire. This weight capacity is dictated by a few of the following:

  • Sidewalls: The last numbers on a sidewall panel provide you with a letter and number combination. These help you to interpret the wheel?s load-bearing capacity. The numbers match a numeral found on a load-range chart. Your sidewall is the vertical face of the tire where more data can be found.
  • Beading: Beadings keep the tire snuggly fit within the rim as weight is put on the wheel. The beadings are made with durable metals. They are sealed with a rubber sheath that does not bend once inside of your rim.
  • Carcass ply: Your carcass ply is packed within a tire and creates a compacted material to reliably manage weight.
What happens during the installation of a tire?

The installation of your new 285 requires an updated copy of your vehicle?s user manual. Wheels made at 285/75/17 are manufactured for a variety of truck models and for off-road use. The model you choose depends on your needs and how well the model works with the truck or car you drive. You can find further instructions for installation through your tire manufacturer.