Las siguientes llantas son de tamaño 305/40-22

Ride Smooth With 305/40R22 Car and Truck Tires

Whether youre taking the kids to school or driving across country, having the right tires is important for traveling from Point A to Point B. On eBay, you can browse an affordable variety of rugged 305/40R22 car and truck tires. With their optimal tire size and protective physical features such as sidewalls, this brand of wheels can help carry trucks and cars to their destination in almost any setting.

What models are they compatible with?

This tire size will fit on numerous car and truck models. Be sure to check the width and height of the tire size needed in your vehicle manual. These models include, but are not limited to:

  • 2018 Acura MDX
  • 2017 BMW 220i
  • 2016 Buick Cascada

In larger vehicles such as the ones mentioned above, the wheels are able to endure long periods of travel and different degrees of smoothness that certain roads provide.

What are the width and height of this tire size?

A bigger vehicle means that the wheels will need a certain ratio to ensure that they can endure the sturdiness and performance needed for travel. For the dimensions, the wheels have a diameter of 22 inches. The section width is 305 while the aspect ratio is 40. These can weigh as much as 80 pounds. These qualities make it easier for larger models to travel at a quicker rate safely.

What are some specifications of these tires?

The 305/40R22 car and truck tires are all-season wheels. That means that they can sustain the condition of any season that is occurring at the time. Because of their size and exterior, they can handle wintry conditions such as snow, sleet, and blizzard-like conditions. They can also handle extremely high temperatures that seasons like the summer provide. Theyre also fine for going on smooth roads such as a local suburban neighborhood, or for off-roading in rough terrain settings.

What is the speed rating of these products?

If you were to test the speed of the vehicle, you can look at the number at the end of the tire. This is known as the "safe speed" and the speed rating. This is the maximum speed the tire can perform well at while carrying a certain load. If the vehicle exceeds the safe speed, the tire will likely wear out more quickly and will begin to lose air pressure. Its important to make sure your ride matches or stays under the speed rating to avoid premature wear on the tires.