Las siguientes llantas son de tamaño 305/70-16

Get the Grip You Need With 305/70-16 Car and Truck Tires

Having the right tire on your vehicle is important if you want to maintain traction on the road whether youre heading for the trails or around town. A 16-inch tire that measures 305 millimeters across is relatively wide, and there are multiple new and used brands available on eBay. These affordable 305/70-16 car and truck tires offer durable support for your vehicle.

Whats the difference in tire types?

With this width, these tires are relatively sturdy. They could be part of the following categories:

  • All-season: These are designed for use on pavement as theyll typically offer a smooth ride. They can withstand a variety of temperatures and have grip that can help them drive through somewhat wet and slippery conditions.
  • Off-road: These would have deep treads with large gaps in between them. This deeper tread can better handle uneven terrain and is less likely to get clogged with mud and debris.
  • All-terrain: These fall in the middle of the two previously mentioned types. They have an open-tread design for enhanced grip and reinforced sidewalls for greater strength, but each of these features is not as extreme as what you find in a dedicated off-road model. They are commonly used on trucks and campers as well as SUVS and 4-wheel drive cars that are expected to be taken on a variety of roads.
What is their load index?

Load index indicates carrying capacity. This could vary from model to model depending on the structure and materials that were used in the manufacturing process. Some examples of load indexes (and their corresponding carrying capacities) for these tires include the following:

  • 115: 2679 pounds
  • 118: 2910 pounds
  • 121: 3197 pounds
  • 124: 3527 pounds
What is siping?

You can find some tires of this size on eBay that have siped treads. This means that they have thin slits cut into their surface at angles perpendicular to the tread. Siping is intended to boost traction during wet and icy conditions. It is also used to reduce the heat generated when driving on hot asphalt. Siping typically makes a tire more expensive, but this may prove to be worth it since many believe that it increases overall tire life.