Las siguientes llantas son de tamaño 305/70-17
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Get 305x70R17 Tires for Your Car or Truck

When youre out on the road, your tires need the right adjustment for your car or truck. You will need a tire size that will be suitable for the terrain and vehicle you?re handling. When shopping for tires on eBay, consider the road performance, highway output, and what you need for a smooth ride.

What are common uses for a 305x70R17 tire?

The 305x70R17 can often be found with an aggressive tread design for outdoor roads. The size of this tire makes it ideal for rugged terrain, and this is why it can be found with tough treads. Expect to find treads with a 16.4/32-inch of depth. Reinforced grooves are also common for the 305x70R17. Most tires that hit the 300 mark have a noticeable width factor that can?t be found in any size below 300. Dual sidewall construction is also possible and helpful for the type of ground these tires will handle. This dual design adds more durability and resistive strength.

How is this tire manufactured?

These tires are designed with tread technology in mind. The size of the wheel makes it a high-performance model that can be made by your favorite brand. Treads are what dictates the type of terrain your driving will take place in and will be most optimal in. Find one just right for your car on eBay with these construction layers:

  • Beads: Don?t let this name mislead you. A bead, as found within a tire, is a collection of wires that run along the inner lip where the tire meets the rim. You?ll find the construction of this lip durable and difficult to bend. The strength is derived from the wiring in place. These beads keep the lip tucked into the rim when the tire is installed.
  • Carcass plies: The carcass plies are a number of different layers. Each layer consists of synthetic materials found inside the skin of a tire. The piles change in numbers depending on the manufacturer and the purpose of the wheel. They are used to provide body to the skin and to wrap other layers into one cohesive design.
  • Mud treads: Mud tires use large treads that are rugged and protrude outward.
Are there special requirements for installation?

The installation of your tire can only be done when you have the right make. Consider referring to your vehicle manual to get the exact measurements. The installation will then follow the rules and guidelines as provided in your vehicle?s literature.