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Helpful Hints for Selecting a 35mm Vintage Slide Projector

Slide projectors such as 35 mm slide projectors were made by various companies for many years. They come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. Consider these factors as you look for a 35mm vintage slide projector that will work for your purposes.

What is a 35mm vintage slide projector?

A slide projector is a type of device that is used for displaying slides. Slides are photographic negatives that are encased within a cardboard frame. These types of photographs were commonly used until the last few decades of the 20th century.

These devices use light to project the images on slides onto a blank white surface such as a projector screen or a white wall, making them easy to view. The necessary light is emitted by a single bulb located inside the projector. These particular types of slide projectors are only capable of admitting 35mm slides rather than other media like film or camera photos. Most use a carousel for showing and storing the slides.

Which brands produced these types of image projectors?

Throughout the long history of slide projectors, these devices were made by many different brands. The projectors made by these brands each have a distinctive look, and they all have different attributes.

  • Kodak: Kodak projectors are usually black, and they generally come with a carrying case. Kodak projectors feature a small body and a long cylinder that ends in the projector lens.
  • Argus: Argus was one of the first companies to make slide projectors. Projectors made by this brand are usually large and heavy, and they feature beige and pastel coloring.
  • Minolta: Minolta projectors are long and flat in appearance. They stand on four legs, and they are usually gray or off-white.
  • Bell and Howell: The two types of projectors made by this company were the TDC and the Cube. The TDC stands upright, and it has two fins that jut out from each side. This model is off-white in color. The Cube is much larger than the TDC, and it consists of a small box with a projection lens mounted on a large black cube.
How do you use a 35mm slide projector?

After you've acquired a slide projector that will suit your intended uses, you'll need to know how to use this device. Follow these steps to use your vintage slide projector:

  1. Remove the slide projector from the box and place it on a flat surface. The lens of the projector should be facing toward a blank, white surface. Some projectors have adjustable legs that can be used to level the device.
  2. Insert slides into the projector. Depending on the type of projector, this can be done in a variety of different ways. Some projectors display slides that are loaded in a carousel, which is a round component with spaces to insert slides.
  3. Connect the slide projector to a power source. Turn the projector on and test the image. Alter the brightness settings if necessary. Press the button on the device to advance through the slides.
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