4 Inch Car Mid - Range Speakers

The Basics: Understanding Car Speaker Systems

The way to listen to music in cars today is nothing close to how it was in years past. Older, vintage cars neither had a speaker nor an FM radio. Newer car models have advanced into digital music player technology from AM radio to 8-track players of the digital music.

What is a two-way speaker?

A two-way speaker has a woofer and a tweeter. On the other hand, a three-way speaker has a tweeter, a mid-range, and a woofer.

What are the benefits of two-way and three-way speaker systems?

Different sizes of speakers produce different sound waves, hence the creation of monitors and loudspeakers with individual speakers. For instance, bass frequencies require a large movement of air. A large speaker, also known as a woofer, handles this better. High-end frequency requires very fast movement of air, which is hard to achieve with large speakers. In this case, you need tweeters, which are smaller in size than woofers.

In a three-way system, a midrange speaker is added. It is smaller than a woofer but larger than a tweeter. With either a two-way or a three-way speaker, each focusing on producing its own range, youll get much better results compared to a monitor with a single speaker.

What is a four-way speaker?

It contains a bass, a midrange cone, and two tweeters. The additional tweeter gives speakers a better high range although it adds little to overall quality.

What are coaxial speakers?

Coaxial speakers in cars are either two- or three-way loudspeakers. The tweeter and midrange driver or just the tweeter, are mounted in front of a woofer, partially concealing it. This design is popular in car audios because of its ability to use a small area.

What do we mean by watts in speakers?

People only consider the amplifiers power or wattage rating. More watts means louder music. But, you need to understand that while wattage is an important consideration, the efficiency of speakers connected to the amplifier also plays an important part in the loudness of your music.

What does RMS mean?

RMS means root mean square. A DC voltage produces the same heating effect as the AC voltage. RMS output power is the continuous power the speaker can handle. It is a process which determines the average power output of speakers over a long period of time.

What are some of the examples of available car speakers?

Below are some of the car speakers you can consider when shopping.

  • Kenwood KFC-6965S 3-Way Speakers
  • Jaras JJ-2646 3-Way Car Speakers
  • Alpine SPS-610C 2-Way Car Speakers
  • Pioneer TS-A1675R 3-Way TS Series Car Speakers
  • JVC CS-J620 2-Way Car Speakers
  • BOSS Audio NX654 Onyx 6.5" 4-Way Speakers NX654 by BOSS
  • Rockford Fosgate R165X3 3-Way Car Speakers
  • JBL GTO628 2-Way Car Speakers

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