Purchasing 6x8-Inch Car Speakers and Speaker Systems

A ride in the car is all the more pleasant with the radio or favorite music playing on it. A good car speaker can make the difference between mediocre sound or a nice sounding audio. eBay offers inexpensive 6x8 car speakers and speaker systems.

What are the main specifications of car speakers?

When considering what speakers will work best in your car, consider the following:

  • Sensitivity - The sensitivity is how much sound the speaker gets from the power applied on it. If the stereo on the car is low powered, which is considered to be below 15 watts RMS per channel, speakers need to have a high sensitivity rating of over 90 dB to bring out the desired sound. If the stereo system on the car is high powered of above 16 watts RMS, then speakers with lower sensitivity rating will do.
  • Power-handling - This shows how much power in watts the speakers can handle. For systems with low power, the speakers do not need to have a high power handling index. A system with strong external amps will need speakers that have a power handling that is close to the output of the amps.
What are the different types of 6x8 car speakers?

There are two main categories of speakers, and they both have the following unique specifications:

  • Full-range speakers - The full-range speakers have all elements of a speaker in one. They have a woofer for low sounds, a tweeter for high sounds, and some models have midrange or supertweeter as additional drives. These are a choice when replacing factory speakers. They are found in all power ranges and can be mounted with a Crutchfield wiring harness in the place of the old speaker.
  • Component speakers - These are a design to give a quality sound. The system has a separate woofer, tweeters, and crossovers that all work together within the car space. With this system, the woofer is placed somewhere that there is good imaging for the sound. This makes the sound more alive and deep.
  • Mid-range speakers
  • Separate woofers and tweeters
What are the additional features of 6x8 car speakers?

Other features that might be important for your car sound system are the following:

  • Pivoting tweeters - These tweeters have a very directional, high-frequency sound so that they can be turned toward the listeners. This makes a deeper sound experience for the listener.
  • External crossovers - The external crossovers as a part of the component system separate the sound from the woofer and tweeter. This makes the sound more distinguishable and clean.
  • Detatchable tweeters - This is a feature for those that want to use them on different vehicles that might have either full-range speakers or component systems