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Asus Tablets and eBook Readers

Asus manufactures a variety of tablets and eBook readers. While some offer keyboards, there are touchscreen-only options as well. The products feature a clear display with a large number of pixels.

What can you do with the eBook readers?

In addition to reading eBooks, these Android devices can also access Google and perform Google searches. In fact, they can do most of the same things that other electronics do. It's possible to use Bluetooth with many of them.

How do you reset an Asus Tablet 7 inch?

It can be done by following these steps:

  1. Turn off the power with the power button.
  2. Press the volume up button along with the power button. Hold them for around two seconds.
  3. Let the buttons go when boot mode appears.
  4. Choose recovery from the menu screen. Do this by scrolling with volume up. Then, confirm with volume down.
  5. Push volume down to choose wipe data/factory reset. Push volume up on the Android device to confirm it.
  6. After this, select \"yes\" when you're asked whether you want to delete all user data on the Android device.
  7. Then, restart the tablet by selecting \"reboot system now\" to complete the process of resetting.
How many gigabytes do Asus eBook readers and tablets hold?

The specific number of gigabytes in Asus tablets varies between the Asus products. While some of the tablets hold 16GB of random access memory or RAM, other Asus handheld products hold as much as 64GB of RAM. The memory on the hard drive is much higher on many products such as the Nexus 7.

What is the processing speed of these products?

The processing speed of the tablets and eBook readers varies considerably. Some have around a 1.2GHz processor speed, and some of them are quad-core. Others feature processing speeds of over 1.3GHz. Some of them have an Intel processor such as the Nexus 7. Intel processors run at high speeds.

What operating system do these products use?

These Asus products usually use either Android or Windows. A few use other operating systems such as some models of the Nexus 7. Some of the products use the Google Chrome system, like the Google Nexus 7.

What types of tablets and eBook readers are there?

There are many models of them available. Here are some examples of Asus handheld products:

  • The Amazon Kindle Oasis
  • The Amazon Kindle
  • The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
  • The Kobo Aura H20
  • The Kobo Aura One
  • Samsung Asus tablets
  • Samsung eBook readers
  • The Nexus 7
  • The Google Nexus 7