Antenas para Toyota RAV4

Exterior Antennas for Toyota RAV4

The RAV4 from Toyota is a versatile vehicle available in AWD and FWD configurations, and theres even a hybrid version that receives excellent gas mileage. Tuning into your favorite radio station is one of the best ways to pass the time while driving your manual or automatic RAV4. In order to listen to your favorite tunes, though, youve got to have a properly functioning antenna.

What are the features of Toyota RAV4 antennas?

Depending on how your RAV4 is equipped, you probably depend on your vehicle antenna for more than you realize. Your Toyotas antenna is designed to meet your entertainment and safety needs, no matter where you roam.

  • Durable: Your RAV4s antenna is strong and flexible, ensuring that a few trips through the automatic car wash wont cause any problems to your radio reception.
  • Sleek: The antenna is engineered to be as small as possible to ensure it doesnt create any unnecessary drag that would result in reduced fuel economy.
  • Powerful: The antenna on your SUV is designed to make the most of even weak signals, to ensure youre not stuck with a bunch of static.
  • Multi-purpose Not only can your antenna pick up over-the-air AM/FM broadcasts, it also receives satellite radio broadcasts to provide crystal-clear radio. In addition, if your RAV4 is equipped with navigation, the GPS receiver is embedded in the antenna base.
Who manufactures antennas for a FWD or AWD Toyota RAV4?

Should you need to replace your Toyota RAV4s antenna, knowing what options you have is crucial to choosing the antenna that will best meet your needs. You can choose from a large selection of Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM, models and from a number of aftermarket antenna models.

Although all RAV4 antennas essentially do the same thing, it is imperative that you select a vehicle antenna that matches your Toyota SUVs model year, as the design and even location of the antenna changes with each new generation of RAV4 that is produced.

How do you replace an antenna on a Toyota RAV4?

If the mast on your Toyota SUVs antenna is whats causing the problem, all you have to do is unscrew the old mast and screw in the new one and youll be good to go. Replacing the base of the antenna is a little more involved, but it is still a fairly easy repair to complete.

  1. Open the rear hatch door on your RAV4, then loosen the trim by removing the clips holding it in place.
  2. Disconnect the wiring harness that powers the antenna, then remove the bolt or screw attaching it to the roof.
  3. Pull the old antenna out from the top to remove the old wiring connections.
  4. Feed the new antennas wiring through the hole, and re-install the bolt or screw holding the antenna in place.
  5. Finally, re-install the trim piece, then test for proper operation.

Once you have your vehicle antenna ready to go, you can relax in those comfy seats and enjoy the ride from your standard or sport edition.