Buying Anthem Amplifiers on eBay

Using an electronic amplifier can increase the overall power of a signal by way of electric power from a power supply; this time-varying voltage or current increases the amplitude of a signal, so many different items can utilize an amplifier. A sound system or musical instrument are only some of the options for which you can purchase this item, and on eBay, many different Anthem units are available. However, it is critical to take your time and do your research to make the most educated decision possible before choosing an Anthem amplifier. 

Do you need to use a subwoofer with amplifiers? 

If you are going to use your amplifier for something like a home theater, you may need to invest in a subwoofer as well. A self-powered subwoofer may come with an internal amplifier, so be sure that you do your research before making a final purchase. Be mindful, however, that a subwoofer needs to be connected to a preamplifier output. 

Whats the difference between power amplifiers and integrated amplifiers? 

Integrated amplifiers are quite different from power amplifiers. When you are shopping, you will see different items listed with these qualities. The integrated version features a source input connectivity and switching. You also get different degrees of audio decoding. A built-in amplifier is excellent when you want to power up a speaker of some sort. This integrated option will not allow you to receive any AM or FM transmission, however. Though you may be able to stream audio from an internet source or a game, this typically depends on the type of Anthem unit that you decide to buy. You would want to look for something that is labeled as a "streaming amplifier." An integrated amplifier also provides you with two different channels for speaker configurations. 

Can you include amplifiers in a full-cabinet setup? 

You will want to keep in mind that amplifiers generate a lot of heat when they function. Depending on the amount of power that a certain unit uses, you may want to think about housing your amplifier in a device separate from other items. That is especially true if you expect your amplifier to put out a lot of power. 

Can you use Anthem amplifiers for a home theater setup? 

Most home theater setups require a separately purchased receiver to connect all your different sources. These items may include things like:  

  • CD, Blu-ray, and DVD players
  • Cable boxes
  • External media streaming devices
  • VCR, etc.

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