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A User's Introduction to Argus Vintage Slide Projectors

Argus was an American company that produced various types of photography equipment. Among other offerings, this company made a variety of different projectors. These devices can be used to share treasured memories with friends and family during group get-togethers.

What is a vintage slide projector by this brand?

Slide projectors are devices that project the images contained on slides. These devices consist of many different parts such as lenses, trays, and carrying cases. Projectors of this type use a bright light to project an image onto a blank vertical surface. This light is produced by a bulb that is contained within the projector, and this bulb is kept cool with an internal fan.

Slides are the negatives of photographs, and they cannot be viewed without an adequate light source. By including a bright light bulb, these types of projection devices are capable of projecting the image on one of these negatives across a room.

What types of slides do vintage slide projectors use?

Most of these projectors use 35mm film. 35mm cameras were the standard at the time that these types of projectors were widely used, and these cameras produce 35mm negatives. These negatives can then be encased in a cardboard frame to be transformed into slides.

How do you insert slides into a vintage slide projector?

Most of the projection devices made by this brand use slide-loading devices called slide trays. These long, rectangular trays are capable of containing many different slides, and they are inserted near the bottom of the projection device. Follow these steps to use a tray with your projection device:

  • Step 1: Load slides into the tray. Most of these trays can hold 60 photographic negatives of this type.
  • Step 2: Insert the tray into the bottom of the projector.
  • Step 3: If desired, you can load multiple trays and interchange them while the projection device is in use.
How do you operate a vintage slide projector?

Once you've acquired a projector that will suit your needs, follow these steps to use your projection device to project images:

  • Step 1: Remove the projection device from its carrying case, and remove any accessories that may also be contained within the case.
  • Step 2: Place the projection device on a flat surface. A table can be used, and there are also special types of carts that are designed specifically to house these types of projection devices.
  • Step 3: Point the device at a blank, white surface. An empty white wall can be used, or you can use a pull-down projection screen.
  • Step 4: Connect the device to an AC power source, and use the power switch to turn on the device.
  • Step 5: Test the image that is produced by the device. If it is too fuzzy, change the focus. If it is too bright, change the brightness.