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Arnette Men's Sunglasses

Sunglasses can help protect your vision against harmful UV rays and reduce glare on particularly sunny days. Arnette sunglasses are not only designed to protect your eyes, but they are also stylish. The fashionable eyewear is available in a variety of styles and shapes to flatter your face and suit your needs.

How do you choose Arnette sunglasses for your face type?

Naturally, some sunglasses flatter certain face types more than others:

  • Men’s wrap sunglasses - Many face types will look great in a pair of these sunglasses. The curved design of sunglasses like the Hot Shot and La Pistola fit close to the face, making them helpful while playing sports.
  • Men’s rectangular sunglasses - If you have a round face, rectangular shades like the Arnette Slides, AN4007 black frames may suit your features.
  • Men’s square sunglasses - Square glasses bring angles to round and inverted face types. Slide on a pair of Arnette’s black Fire Drill glasses for a fashion-forward look.
  • Men’s round sunglasses - Men with strong jawlines and foreheads may want glasses with a round bottom lens like the Arnette Pleasantville sunglasses.
  • Men’s pilot sunglasses - The brand's pilot sunglasses are good for men with diamond-shaped faces. Styles like the Trooper Aviators, for example, are designed to create balance.
How do you find the correct size of Arnette sunglasses?

There are three numbers to keep in mind when looking for sunglasses. The numbers on Arnette sunglasses indicate the lens, bridge, and temple sizes. Use the milliliter side of a ruler or multiply the inches by 25.4 to get the correct measurements. With measurements in hand, you can find the right sunglasses to fit your face:

  • Lens width - Arnette men’s lenses range from 50mm (small) to 65mm (large). Measure the distance from temple to temple.
  • Bridge width - Sizes range from 14mm to 24mm. Men with close-set eyes may want a bridge at the lower end of the scale. Those with broad faces or high cheekbones could choose a pair of sunglasses like the Dropout model, with a bridge between 19mm and 24mm.
  • Temple/arm length - The standard lengths are 135, 140, 145, and 150mm. Measure from the temple to behind the ear to get an approximate temple length.
What kinds of lenses are available in Arnette sunglasses?

Arnette offers sunglasses with various lenses to protect your eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. While the color of the lens is a style choice, the lens technology helps reduce eyestrain and glare:

  • Polarized sunglasses - Polarized lenses help block the glare of exterior light. Try Dropout polarized lenses while driving or participating in water or snow sports.
  • Mirrored sunglasses - These stylish lenses help reduce glare. You can see out, but others cannot see your eyes.
  • Anti-reflective sunglasses - Arnette anti-reflective specs help reduce eyestrain and prevent light from reflecting back on the lens. They come in a variety of colors, including black, brown, and blue.
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