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Ash Shoes for Women

Ash footwear is durable, comfortable, and pleasing to the eye, as the shoes feature attractive details, such as embroidery, studs, and gold panels. A regular boot can end around your mid-calf, your knee, a couple of inches above your knee, or at your thigh, but of course, where the boot ends depends on how tall you are. Ash boots can have goring or an elastic panel, making it easy to pull them on and take them off.

What does a Bowie-style Ash sneaker look like?

A Bowie-style sneaker looks like a high-top sneaker with a wedge heel, instep straps, and wraparound shoelaces. They tend to lack sequins and glitter, with an emphasis on sturdy footwear that support your feet.

What are suede, pebbled leather, and shearling?

Suede is a type of leather with a soft, napped texture. It is different from regular leather in that the hide of the animal is split so that the tough upper grain is removed. This leaves the softer material exposed. It can be made from the hides of many animals, including calves, sheep, goats, pigs, and deer.

Pebbled leather is leather that has a pebbly texture when you touch it. The highest-quality pebbled leather has been tumbled to create that texture. Other types of pebbled leather have the texture imprinted into it.

Shearling is the hide of a lamb or sheep that still has the animal’s fleece. The fabric has two sides: one is suede and the other is fleece. The fleece is often used as the lining of Ash booties.

How do you clean Ash shoes?

The right cleaning method for your Ash shoes depends on what they are made of. The insides of your shoes can be swabbed with a cotton ball dampened with alcohol or tea tree oil. This keeps them clean and can prevent the growth of bacteria or fungi. You can clean leather Ash shoes with a cloth dipped in a solution of dishwashing detergent and warm water. Swab the shoes with it, and then dry them with another clean cloth. Cleaning suede footwear should be done without using water. There is a tool called a suede brush made especially for suede shoes. Use the brush to gently remove dirt or dust. Make sure to always work in the same direction. To get rid of scuff marks, move the brush back and forth vigorously. If the scuffs are really bad, you can scrape them with a knife or use a pencil eraser.

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