Audio Note

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing an Audio Note

When you enjoy listening to music, it helps to have quality equipment to reproduce the sounds as the artists intended. Audio Note is a distributor of preamplifiers, cables, tubes, speakers, turntables, CD players, and amplifiers. On eBay, you can choose from a variety of Audio Note kits, replacement parts and individual audio products like speakers.

How do you choose Audio Note preamplifier kits or parts?

When shopping for these preamplifier kits or parts on eBay, consider their:

  • Power specifications: The preamplifiers and amplifiers have a power level of 8 to 16 watts and 4 to 16 ohms of resistance. See the manufacturer site for details.
  • Number of strands: The cables may consist of 20 to 120 strands of fibers wrapped and woven together inside of the insulator.
  • Cable length: The lengths range from 0.75 to 3.30 meters.
  • Fastener type: There are male and female plugs and receptacles for the parts.
  • Condition: There are new and used Audio Note parts and kits available.
Which types of Audio Note parts are available on eBay?

The available types of these new and used audio parts include:

  • Upgrade kits: These allow you to add more functions or higher sound quality to the amplifier or preamplifier.
  • Entire products: Options include preamplifiers, amplifiers, turntables, and CD changers.
  • Replacement parts: Choose from tubes, wires, plugs, cables, switches, connectors, and power supplies.
  • Covers: There are housings, covers, and cabinets for the preamplifiers and amplifiers.
What materials are the Audio Note tubes available in?

The material that the plug consists of has an impact on the durability of the Audio Note product and the quality of the sound that it provides. Some of the available materials for the plugs and connectors of the new and used Audio Note products on eBay include tinned copper, copper, palladium, plastic, and silver.

What are some of the features of Audio Note preamplifiers?

The available features of these audio products on eBay include:

  • Multiple outputs: The preamplifiers offer left, right, center, and phono outputs.
  • Manual controls: There are ergonomic knobs that turn right or left for controlling volume, balance, and mode of operation.
  • Inputs: The preamplifiers accept inputs from cassette tape players, CD players, turntables, and stereo receivers.
  • Manual power: There is a manual power toggle switch for the preamplifier.
  • Ventilation: The units have both active and passive ventilation through the housing.
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