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Audiopipe 12 Inch Car Subwoofers

Boost Your Sound with an Audiopipe Subwoofer

Blast your sound while on a joyride or a long trip. You will feel the Audiopipe bass-boosting vibration while you go. Do not turn your stereo up too loud, though.

What are some of the specifications of Audiopipe subwoofers?

This type of speaker is one that reproduces low-frequency bass and sub-bass sounds and sends them to a stereo amplifier. Often, they come as standalone units, but you can also mount them into a speaker cabinet. Some subwoofers are for home theatres, but many of the Audiopipe ones connect to automobile stereos. Each one runs using a specific number of watts and is capable of varying frequency response levels. You might consider these subwoofer specifications:

  • Watts max and RMS: Knowing to what maximum level you can crank your subwoofer or stereo system will prevent speaker blowout. The RMS refers to what level of power your speaker can continuously run not counting peak amplitude levels.
  • Sensitivity: This refers to the rate at which a speaker can convert power into sounds. Sensitivity typically is measured in decibels, and it also refers to how an amplifier produces sound.
  • Weight: You might notice a magnet weight or an item description might tell you how much the entire speaker weighs. This would be necessary if you plan to carry the subwoofer while walking. However, the car speakers typically sit somewhere in a vehicle trunk or inside car door panels.
  • Size: Measuring the dimensions of a speaker will determine whether or not you can put it in your car. It also has some effect on how much sound is produced from it.
What recommendations for sound levels do you have?

You will want an Audiopipe subwoofer that can produce sound without squealing or distortion. Furthermore, some stereo systems might warn you if the sound emitted could damage your ears. With specific safety precautions such as earplugs, the sound could play loud without hurting your ears. Some units produce audio at 2400 watts of peak power, and they might run at an RMS of 1100, which means they can play continuously at 1100 watts without causing speaker damage. Speaker wattage and amplitudes do vary, however.

What miscellaneous Audiopipe features do some subwoofers have?

Some might have two magnets in them instead of one for producing increased sound force. Additionally, some bass speakers might come with a box in which you can place them and a remote. The numbers of coils inside a speaker also makes a difference in helping you achieve the audio effect that you want.

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