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Bachmann HO Scale Model Railroads and Trains

Bachmann HO Scale Model Railroads and Trains

Bachmann HO scale model railroads and trains are designed with lightweight materials. Each of these products has a unique color scheme based on the vehicles that were used during specific eras. The process of building a large railroad environment for a Bachmann HO train is easy because many railroad pieces are available for purchase.

What car bundle options are available?

Car bundles by Bachmann include two vehicles that can be used with a traditional train. These units will not slow a train down, due to the fact that they are equipped with efficient wheels for easy movement along your scale model railroad tracks.

What is included in a railroad bundle?

All of the track pieces that are included in a railroad bundle are made of steel. Each individual slab has a mechanism that snaps into place for easy installation. Many of the components of these bundles have a curved design. A few of the pieces are also straight.

What are some Bachmann HO scale model trains?

You can find F7-A trains designed with a yellow color scheme. These model train sets have a structural design that pairs a traditional train with a diesel engine. The hardware that powers these locomotive vehicles has an 8-pin socket you can use with a DCC decoder. Another option is the C-4 Bachmann train. These trains are equipped with couplers. Coupler bundles that include multiple use-to-use pieces are available. These couplers are typically designed with a magnetic mechanism.

What is included in an oval railroad bundle?

Oval railroad pieces are bundled in a 16-piece set. The mechanism on the end of each piece snaps one piece of track into another. This oval set enables you to build a large track for you to run all of your HO scale model Bachmann trains.

What are Bachmann passenger cars?

You can find a large array of train cars to pair with your locomotive, including boxcars and passenger cars. Passenger car models are built to be durable and heavyweight in the HO scale. The passenger train cars have a Central New York Railroad color scheme. In addition, you will be able to find an array of accessories to accompany your Bachmann HO-scale model trains. There is everything from surrounding environmental and signaling equipment to small figures that can be used in the trains to represent passengers, engineers, and other characters available.

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