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Buying Your Beats by Dr. Dre Gold Headphones

There are quite a few instances in which headphones can come in handy: at home, while commuting, at work, for work in a studio, and then some. Many have opted for Beats by Dr. Dre gold headphones, offered by a division of Apple that produces audio products. Whether you're looking for wireless or wired headphones, there are several types available; if you are considering these gold devices, the following information might help you decide on the right option for you.

Do these headphones go over or on the ears?

Beats by Dr. Dre offers headphones that go on the ear as well as over it, and it's possible that you may find either type in gold. Typically, the over-ear headphones are the larger of the two designs, have cups that fit over the ears, and have a larger headband. The cups of on-ear headphones are meant to sit on the ear rather than cover it. They have a smaller headband, and some can fold up for portability.

Are Beats by Dr. Dre gold earphones available?

Earphones are small, portable headphones that may also be referred to by other names such as earbuds or earbud headphones. As the name suggests, they fit in the ears rather than sitting on or over them, and they may be wired or wireless. You might find them in one of the shades of gold Dr. Dre offers. Depending on which earphones you choose, some of their features might include removable wingtips, magnetic earbuds that can help to prevent tangling, Flex-Form cable, and RemoteTalk capability.

Are the gold headphones available with Bluetooth?

Yes. One headphone with this wireless technology that's available in gold is the Beats Solo 3 Wireless on-ear model with Class 1 Bluetooth.

What gold finishes are the Beats headphones available in?

You may come across a few different shades of gold while you're shopping for Beats by Dr. Dre gold headphones. For example, you might find:

  • Yellow gold
  • Matte gold
  • Rose gold
What features might be available with the Beats headphones?

The features you might find available with Beats by Dr. Dre headphones can vary from one type to the next. However, some of the features might include a long battery life, noise-canceling capabilities, the ability to take calls, soft and cushioned cups, and a lightweight design. Reading about and weighing the pros and cons of the gold-tone Beats headphones you're considering can help you make a decision that best suits your particular needs.

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