Black Chandeliers and Ceiling Fixtures

The main function of a chandelier or a lighting fixture is to illuminate a room. However, finding a chandelier that fits your space can be difficult, especially when there are tons of options and you want something that stands out. Black chandeliers may fit the bill, as they not only have a unique look, but they can also help tie in your other interior décor items.

What types of black chandeliers are there?

When it comes to these ceiling lights, there are a wide variety of different types available. Some common types of black chandeliers include:

  • Crystal chandeliers: Although many people think that crystal chandeliers only come in white, that is not the case. Some chandeliers and ceiling lighting have black crystals that add elegance to a room.
  • Candle chandeliers: For these lighting fixtures, the metal parts of the light are black while the candle stems may be different colors.
  • Cage chandeliers: These black lights have cages around the bulbs. They can have an industrial or contemporary look to them as well.
  • Drum shade chandeliers: These lights have a band of material around the bulbs. This material makes the light soft and warm.
  • Empire chandeliers: These elegant chandeliers have multiple levels of metal and bulbs, and the lights are surrounded by beads or other embellishments. Some of these lighting systems may be antiques or reproductions of antiques.
What embellishments for chandeliers are available?

Chandeliers and other lighting systems can range from simple in design to elegant and impressive. There are a variety of different types of embellishments that give them their specific styles:

  • Crystals: These glass elements catch the light and make it bounce throughout the room. On some black lights, they may be clear, white, or black to match the hardware.
  • Beads: String beads can give lighting a contemporary or rustic style depending on the shape and type of chandelier.
  • Shades: Black shades help diffuse the light. In some styles, each bulb may have its own shade.
  • Exposed bulbs: Some lighting is designed to have exposed bulbs, especially if they use specialty lighting.
What should you consider when looking for black chandeliers?

When looking for lighting, consider the:

  • Size: Your lighting should fit the room you are installing it in. If the fixture is too large, it may take up too much of the room. If it is too small, it may get lost and not provide enough light.
  • Weight: The larger the fixture, the heavier it will be.
  • Design: The fixture should mix well with the rest of your interior décor.
  • Light intensity: Shaded chandeliers may not give off as intensive a light as non-shaded fixtures.