Body Glove Socks for Men

Body Glove is an American brand that is known for the outdoor water sports gear they produce, but the brand also designs an array of beach lifestyle apparel and accessories. They produce a variety of mens apparel, including socks, which offer unique styles and looks. These items are offered in various fits, colors, and styles, offering various options for different occasions and needs.

What styles of mens socks does Body Glove offer?

This brand offers a wide variety of mens sock styles. Some of the options offered come in more neutral colors, but there are also options with splashes of color. They also offer products of varying cuts, some that are low-cut and others that come just above the ankle. The brand also designs simple black and white options for men. Lastly, the brand produces a large variety of calf-height socks that come in a wide array of designs, patterns, and colors.

What are Body Glove socks made of?

This brands socks are primarily made of polyester, but they also incorporate a small percentage of Spandex for stretch. This combination of materials comes in a variety of colors, thicknesses, and more.

How do you clean Body Glove socks?

Clean socks in the washing machine on a warm cycle with regular detergent. For white products, non-chlorine bleach may be used to restore whiteness. When washing them for the first time, wash with like colors or alone to prevent bleeding colors from affecting other clothing items. Turn the socks inside out to prevent pulls to the outside of the polyester material. These socks can be tumble-dried on a setting with low heat or can be line-dried in a cool space. Do not iron the socks.

How do you know what size socks to buy?

Mens sock sizes are listed in numerical intervals that correspond to a shoe size, such as 6 to 9, which corresponds to U.S. size 8 in shoes, and 10 to 13, which generally corresponds to an 8 to 12.5 in shoes. They also offer socks in the big and tall category, which are designed for those with shoes of 12.5 to 16. To ensure that you pick the right fit, it is important to convert the mens sock measurements to the shoe measurements that you wear.

What are V-heel socks?

Many of Body Gloves mens socks feature a reinforced V-heel, or handkerchief heel, construction. This means that the heel of the sock has a stitching pattern that resembles a V where the heel sits in the sock.

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