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Shoot Steady Camera Shots of Landscape Scenes Using a Bogen Tripod

When you're out taking shots of landscapes or group portraits, you need a tripod that will help you keep the camera steady so that you can work with your lighting equipment to create a great shot. Affordable Bogen tripods are available on eBay to fit your needs.

What are the features of a Bogen tripod?

The exact features depend on the model, but some come with straps so that carrying is easier with your other equipment, locking plates so that your tripod and camera stay in position once you have it set up and ball heads so that maneuvering the angle while still maintaining steady control is easier. Some can also be folded down for easier traveling, and some can come with a case to protect the tripod while it's in storage.

What materials are Bogen tripods made from?

Bogen tripods are usually made with a combination of metal and plastic. One common type of metal that's used is aluminum because it's a lightweight metal. Bogen tripods can also have rubber twist and lock feet. Other common materials for tripods include wood, steel, and carbon fiber.

How do you use a Bogen tripod?

When you're setting up your tripod, the first thing you will need to do is set up the legs. One leg should be positioned facing your subject so that working will be easier and more comfortable because the legs won't be in the way. The second thing you should do is extend the legs to your desired height. Then, you need to make sure that your tripod is secure. Setting up on uneven ground can be tricky, but your camera will be more stable if you take the time to make sure that your tripod is secure. Finally, raise the center post as a last option. If you need more height, adjust the legs first, but the center post can add small amounts of additional height.

What are the available models of Bogen tripods?

Some of the Bogen tripods include the following:

  • Manfrotto MVH 502A: This tripod has a 360-degree pan range, a counterbalance system that supports 8.8 pounds, and a pan lock. It can support 15.4 pounds total.
  • Manfrotto Aluminum MDeVe: This tripod has a minimum height of 16.34 inches and a maximum height of 64.93 inches. It also has a safety payload weight of 15.43 pounds.
  • Manfrotto 028B Studio Pro Triman: This model has a turn-lock leg, and there are three sections to each leg.
  • Manfrotto 504HD Head: This particular model has a load capacity of 16.5 pounds, and it has a maximum height of 66.7 inches. The feet are spiked, and the legs have locks for stable use.