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Put Together a Home Stereo System Starting with Amplifiers

Amplifiers are a key component of a home theater. The MIT graduate and founder of the company, Dr. Amar Bose, loved reverse engineering to see how things worked. Bose amplifiers and their features have evolved from inventing new technologies to create better sound.

How Do Amplifiers Work?

Once you have your amplifier in place, you may wonder how it works. The equipment enlarges sound by amplifying electrical signals. Power amplifiers send sound to speakers by receiving input signals from a CD player, turntable, and other devices. Essentially, the device is copying the original sound and sending the signals to an output source using power from a wall outlet. Inside the unit, transistors limit the amount of current that flows through circuits. Larger signals mean that transistors allow more current, resulting in greater amplification. You control how much current goes to the speakers through a volume control knob.

What Are Some Notable Models?

  • Discontinued: Lifestyle SA-2 and SA-3 models have two channels rated at 100 watts each. The compact channel amplifiers fit on a shelf, or you can mount them on a floor joist or the wall. Using a Lifestyle media console and wireless adapter, it's possible to set up multiple amps in separate rooms and outdoor living spaces.
  • SoundTouch Models: You can connect these SA-5 amps to your home Wi-Fi system and pair with speakers to enjoy wireless music throughout your home. Connect a non-streaming CD player into one of the auxiliary ports to access your personal music library.

What Features Do These Power Amplifiers Have?

  • SA-2 and SA-3 models: Amps include room code switches that match the ones indicated on the remote for setting up speakers in multiple spaces. An LED indicator lets you know the amp is working and the unit contains built-in thermal overload protection and volume control. Likewise, protective rubber feet prevent the unit from marring surfaces.
  • SA-5 models: Load the SoundTouch app to control functions whether you're in the kitchen or bathroom. Use the app to set up personalized presets and control speakers. The equipment is compatible with app-driven, Alexa-enabled devices. You can use voice commands to play music tracks or increase and decrease volume. Moreover, the unit supports Bluetooth connectivity, thereby giving you access to Internet radio stations, favorite music services, and music stored on a mobile phone or tablet.

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