Fun on a Whole New Scale: Brass O Scale Model Railroad Locomotives

Locomotive parts and complete sets for model trains on the O (1:48) scale make fun additions to your collection or a great place to start if you are a novice. These O scale two-rail brass trains are of a comfortable, convenient size that allows you to build and maintain a train set in the convenience of your home. These affordable locomotives and accessories, which you can find new or used on eBay, are more than strong enough to use for public displays as well.

Finding complete train sets or accessories

The eBay listings offer full sets, individual pieces, and a wide variety of accessories. These O scale locomotive kits, sets, and accessories run the gamut from fully constructed and functional locomotives, which have been in use, to vintage kits that remain in the box decades after their manufacture and distribution. Some sets are incomplete, and this will be reflected in their purchase price. Others include cars, hoppers, accessories such as plows, and even their own rails.

Do O-Scale model trains work with other gauges?

Although O-scale model trains are historically one of the earliest forms of model trains, they were largely supplanted in the 20th century by smaller gauges such as HO and N. O scale model trains and locomotives will not work on their tracks, as the gauges are far too disparate. However, the expanding interior space available in the average home, combined with the increasing awareness of forced perspective and other visual effects, means that O scale is gaining in popularity. You can even combine different scales in the same set, creating an illusion of depth and motion.

How much effort does it take to assemble these pieces?

Vintage kits such as those from Allegheny Scale Models are intended to be constructed by people with substantial experience and access to specialized tools. Other locomotives are ready to go straight out of the box.

Are these toys or collectors items?

As with all O scale locomotive kits and eBay model trains, they can be either toys or collector's items, based entirely on what you desire. Although many of these trains are sold in the box, unopened, you are welcome to do with them whatever you wish. By the same token, a toy can be repaired and placed in a protected display setting. Although their collector's value will be affected by wear and tear, these items will retain substantial value.