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Budge Car Covers

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Budge Car Covers

The Budge brand was introduced in 1940 and markets itself as the Original Car Cover Company. It makes covers for practically all makes and models of many vehicles. You can select a Budge cover for your car that looks great and provides maximum protection or just the perfect amount of breathability.

What are Budge car covers?

A Budge cover is a fitted cover that slips over a vehicle down to its tires. These covers are used to protect cars from rain, snow, ice, grime, fingerprints, and more. The brand makes covers for trucks and many other vehicles as well, including boats and other watercraft. All Budge covers are rated by the manufacturer based on eight characteristics.

  • Softness
  • Dirt/dust protection
  • Snow/ice protection
  • Durability
  • Thickness
  • Rain/water protection
  • Sun/UV ray protection
  • Breathability
Which materials does Budge offer?

Like many car covers, Budge products are mostly made from polypropylene. However, the manufacturer uses additional materials as well as multiple layers to achieve particular ratings in the characteristics itemized above. Budge uses branded names for its cover materials. These include:

  • Duro
  • The Max
  • Budge Lite
  • Rain Barrier
  • Indoor Stretch
  • Protector III
  • Protector IV
  • Rust-Oleum NeverWet
Are Budge covers available based on car specifications?

Yes. Budge makes covers for practically all mass-produced cars. To find one that fits yours, simply filter the available covers by make, model, and year. You will find car covers dating as far back as the 1940s when the company first began selling its products.

Are Budge covers available based on vehicle dimensions?

Yes. In fact, it is worth mentioning that car covers are rarely model-specific. Budge simply provides that view for the convenience of its customers. If you prefer to choose based on dimensions, then you need to measure the length, width, and height of your vehicle. Then, select a cover that fits those dimensions as closely as possible. If a cover fits too tightly, the elastic will wear out quickly, and the protective characteristics will diminish. If the product is too loose, then moisture and dirt can get to the car from the underside particularly when its windy.

How are Budge car covers installed?

First, remove the product from its bag. Identify the front, which is labeled. Put the other side on the rear of the vehicle. Make sure it fits snugly then use the tie to secure it to the rear bumper. Pull the car cover forward ensuring that the sides do not hang. If your car has a retractable antenna, you will need to apply the provided patch and punch a hole through it. Pull the material around the hood, and ensure it is snug. Finally, use the tie to secure it to the front bumper.