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CHI Hair Dryers

Hair dryers are a useful too when you don't have time to let your locks air dry naturally or when you want to achieve a specific style. Owned by Farouk Systems, Inc., CHI was originally created by hairstylists for hairstylists to provide hair dryers, colors and lighteners, curling irons, hair creams, and more. CHI hair dryers include options such as the Handshot hair dryer, the Rocket hair dryer, and the Nano hair dryer.

What features should you consider when buying a hair dryer?

When selecting a hairy dryer, you should consider the type of hair that you have and what you need the hair dryer to do. You may be looking for a dryer with a high wattage or one that dries your hair evenly and quickly. Here are some options:

  • Ionic technology: Many hair dryers from CHI come with ionic technology. These dryers emit negatively charged ions through their ceramic parts, causing the water particles in your wet hair to break up faster. An ionic dryer will cut down the time it takes to get your head completely dry.
  • Ceramic: CHI offers hair dryers with ceramic parts. These create far infrared heat, which dries hair from the inside. Ceramic hair dryers heat up quickly and evenly.
  • Low EMF: EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, are invisible radiation fields emitted by many electronics and appliances, including hair dryers. CHI dryers with a low EMF output emit lower electromagnetic fields.
  • Lightweight: CHI makes lightweight dryers like the Pro Dryer, the CHI Touch 2 Dryer, and the CHI lite dryer. These dryers offer the same watt output as heavier models.
What dryer is best for your hair type?
  • Thin: Thin hair won’t need as much heat to dry it, so look for a CHI hair dryer with adjustable heat settings and a cool shot button to seal your cuticle.
  • Straight: Select a ceramic dryer that uses infrared heating as it produces moisture, such as the CHI Pro dryer.
  • Curly: Look for a CHI dryer with a diffuser attachment to help keep your curls intact. Diffusers work by dispersing air around your curls, mimicking air drying and protecting styles from being blown around by the hair dryer.
  • Coarse: Coarse hair can take a lot of time to dry and needs extra care to help repair and smooth damage. Get a dryer with a high watt output to ensure you get your head completely dry. An example is CHI’s Rocker dryer which offers 1800 watts. The dryer also uses negative ions to break down water clusters. You may also want a hair dryer with ceramic parts to help seal in moisture and keep your hair free of frizz.
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