Finding Your Favorite Gaming Posters

People of all ages use posters to decorate their home or work space. These are often a cheaper alternative to art prints and may come with special meaning or memories. If you are a collector of gaming posters and particularly enjoy the Call of Duty games, there are plenty of designs to add to your poster collection.

What Can I Use These Posters for?

You can use Call of Duty posters in a number of ways. Some of these include:

  • For your bedroom or games room: Fans of the Call of Duty games will enjoy having a poster on the wall of their bedroom or games room.
  • To decorate a store: If you have a store that sells video games or memorabilia, you can use these posters to decorate the walls.
  • For a themed party: If you are having a Call of Duty or similar themed party, then posters on the wall can help you to get into theme by adding to the other decorations that you have.

Are There Different Styles of Wall Art?

Since there have been numerous Call of Duty game releases over the last decade or so such as WWII, Modern Warfare, Infinite Warfare, Black Ops, and Ghosts, you can find individual posters reflecting the images of these games.

  • Size: There are many sizes to choose from so think about the space size you have available and what will be a good size poster. Common sizes that you can find include 13 by 20, 24 by 36, and 32 by 48 inches, as well as other specific sizes.
  • Material: Posters are generally printed on a strong glossy paper. You can also find laminated prints that are likely to last longer due to their protective coating.
  • Portrait or landscape: After you determine the space size that you have, youll know whether you need a landscape or portrait poster. While it is more common to find portrait posters, it is possible to find landscape ones as well.
  • Images: Depending on the game title that the poster is reflecting, there will be a relevant image. Some posters feature zombies while others show army men either holding guns or without. You can find double-sided posters with a different image on each side, so you can use one side for a period of time then change to the other side.

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