Rueda para automóviles y camiones y kits de Comba para BMW

BMW Car and Truck Caster and Camber Kits

Caster and camber are two technical terms that refer to the way that the wheels are aligned on your vehicle. If you need to alter the handling characteristics of your BMW car or truck, then caster and camber plates offer an easy way to do it.

What is a caster and camber plate?

The plate is a mechanical disc made out of steel that is installed at the wheels of an automobile. The plate contains adjustment holes that can be set at a negative or positive angle. By turning a wrench on the bolts in either direction, you can modify the alignment of the wheel and therefore slightly modify the suspension geometry and turning and handling characteristics in your automobile. BMW car and truck caster and camber kits should contain almost everything you need to perform this modification.

What are caster and camber angles?

The camber is one potential way to measure wheel alignment. If you are viewing your automobile from the front or back, then the camber angle is the measurement in degrees of the vertical alignment of the wheels. If the top of the wheels slant away from the automobile, then the camber angle is positive, and if they slant inward toward the center of the automobile, then it is negative. A negative camber angle can improve the grip during heavy cornering but also reduce contact between tire and road during acceleration on straight roads. The caster angle, on the other hand, measures something quite different. When viewing the automobile from the side, try to imagine a line running through the center of the wheel and the upper and lower pivot points of the steering system. This line is drawn perpendicular to the ground. If the line is pivoted toward the rear of the automobile, then the angle is positive, but if the line is leaning toward the front of the automobile, then it is negative. A positive caster angle will make the automobile more stable at high speeds and improve the tire lean on corners. However, these modifications can also produce uneven tire wear over long periods of time.

What automobiles would benefit from caster and camber plate installation?

Camber and caster plates are designed for any automobile that has a McPherson or coil-over shock design. However, it is only recommended that you change the wheel alignment in situations that would benefit from modified handling. Racing is one situation that would benefit from it. If your vehicle is still in its original unmodified form and it is not designed for high performance, then you will most likely not benefit from installing the plates. If you are purchasing aftermarket plates, then you should make sure that they are compatible with the make, model, and year of your automobile.