Car & Truck exhaust manifolds & Headers

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Car Truck Exhaust Manifolds and Headers

Car enthusiasts that care about performance are always looking for components that can take their car or truck to the next level. Installing an exhaust manifold or header moves exhaust out of the engine and into the exhaust system. The result is minimized flow resistance and improved engine efficiency.

What are the benefits of an exhaust manifold?

Exhaust manifolds are known for their thick cast-iron body. The stock ones are there to simply serve their purpose while performance models are for vehicles that need the increased performance to do their job. As a result, theyre often sought after for heavy-duty machines like tow trucks. They increase power for acceleration and low-speed driving.

Premium parts are designed to enhance fuel economy at cruising speeds as well. One of the standout aspects of these manifolds is that they are easy to install and do not need too much maintenance.

What are the benefits of a car header?

Exhaust headers are known to significantly improve the performance of a car. They are available in short and long designs depending on the type of performance youre looking to improve. The pipes are designed to be as efficient as possible in getting the exhaust out of the head cylinder. You can observe this by simply looking at the uniform design of the pipes.

Aftermarket models are known to be made with better material and are composed mainly of stainless steel. Hot rods and souped-up racing cars will usually have them installed. They are also known to be louder than regular units. Be sure to read up on each model if you care about how quiet or loud you want your car to be.

Should you go with exhaust headers or manifolds?

It really comes down to what your needs are. Car enthusiasts that are looking for more horsepower and torque will want to go with a header. The pipes have the same length so that they move the fumes out quickly. This allows you to get the performance youre looking for. An exhaust manifold is mainly there for utility. Theyre for heavy-duty vehicles that need the extra performance to do their job.

Some consumers may be looking to simply replace worn out manifolds. There are many replacement parts for all makes and models of cars. But that doesnt mean there arent any designed for performance. There are aftermarket manifolds that can also be purchased if youre looking to increase horsepower and torque. However, most are not designed to be installed on racing cars due to their weight.