Conjuntos de luz de niebla para automóviles y camiones

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Car & Truck Fog & Driving Lights

Fog decreases visibility and makes it hard to see the road ahead of you, which can make any road trip stressful, scary, and frustrating. Lessen your stress and combat the fog when you install fog and driving lights on your car or truck. If you live in an area where fog is frequent, it pays to be prepared in order to make a safe trip through the cloudy haze. Fog lights are made to minimize the murk and send smog away so you can drive without worry. Investigate the different types of fog and driving lights and don’t let your dusk drive get you down.

Lustrous Light Bars

Light bars are horizontal and can be mounted to provide extra light to a vehicle in need. These bars, also called flood lights or off road lights, are perfect for all types of vehicle, including cars, trucks, boats, and even SUVs. They typically secure to the front of the vehicle, on top of the bumper, and come in many sizes for a perfect fit. Waterproof and weatherproof, light bars are a practical way to increase your sightline in the dark. These are used for off road driving, work situations, nighttime fishing or boating, or driving through extreme weather, including fog. Light bars increase your range of visibility and keep you safe in all types of elements. Made from energy efficient, low heat LEDs, they are long lasting and street legal.

Shining Spotlights

Instead of one long light bar, consider two spotlights instead. These look more like regular headlights, but these fog lights are super powered to add more visibility to the road ahead, keeping safety a priority while you’re behind the wheel. Spotlights reduce the glare from snow or fog to create sharper vision in a wider range, so you’re seeing more than you normally would. Typically cube-shaped, these lights are made of small LEDs that combine to create an intense light beam. Many cars don’t come equipped with fog lights that can handle inclement weather, so upgrading to spotlights is a good option for drivers who frequently travel in gloomy weather. These can mount to the front bumper, or above the hood. 

Heavy-duty Headlights

Driving lights are like regular headlights that have been working out at the gym. They offer heavy-duty visibility for everyday driving conditions, including fog, and some of them are even brighter than standard fog lights. However, while fog lights and light bars are better on side roads and country gravel, driving lights are more appropriate for the highway. They are more intense than regular headlights, but not as distracting as a light bar or spotlights. Many driving lights are made with HID lights instead of LEDs to provide you with even more visibility on the road, and brighter light. They are also energy efficient, and perfect for all types of weather and elements.