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Car and Truck Fuel Pumps

Your vehicles fuel pump is a critical component that allows fuel to pump from your gas tank to your cars engine. Installing a new fuel pump may improve engine performance; just be sure to know what type of fuel pump is best-suited for your specific vehicle. While replacing your fuel pump, you can also use the time to check or replace other key parts of your fuel system as this will also help enhance your cars performance.

What types of fuel pumps are there?

The fuel pump is a crucial component that pumps fuel from your vehicles gas tank, through your fuel filter, and into your engine. Automotive fuel pumps will typically fall into two distinct categories: mechanical and electrical.

  • Mechanical fuel pumps: This type of pump is common on older vehicles that have a carburetor. It feeds fuel directly into the carburetor using gravity.
  • Electric fuel pumps: These are standard on newer fuel-injected engines. This type of pump sits inside the vehicles gas tank and pumps fuel into the fuel injector at a higher rate of pressure.
How do you install an electric fuel pump?

While replacing the fuel pump itself is pretty simple, there are a few steps you will need to follow to safely access the pump.

  • Disable power to the fuel pump: You can do this by simply removing the fuse that powers your pump.
  • Bleed the fuel line: After removing the fuse, turn the ignition and wait for the engine to stall. This will indicate there is no fuel pressure.
  • Lower the fuel tank and remove the fuel pump assembly.
  • Replace the pump and re-mount the fuel tank. If you have not done so already, now is a great time to replace your fuel filter to further improve your fuel quality and engine performance.
How do you maintain your fuel system and its parts?

When replacing your electric fuel pump, its also a good idea to inspect the other parts of your system. This will help your engine perform at its best and get optimal fuel mileage. The following items should help you:

  • Inspect the fuel pump fuse: Since you will likely be disconnecting the pumps fuse anyway, its a good time to check this as well.
  • Check your fuel filter: Checking and replacing your fuel filter based on your vehicle manufacturer recommendations will help ensure your motor runs clean and efficiently. Most manufacturers recommend that you change the fuel filter when you change the fuel pump.
  • Use a fuel system cleaner: Using a quality cleaner can help remove any unwanted deposits in your system and can increase your engines performance and fuel efficiency. Using a cleaner after every oil change can help keep your motor performing well.