Luces de posición laterales para automóviles y camiones para Porsche

Side Marker Lights for Porsche

Side-marker lights are important for signaling other cars as well as illumination. For each type of side lighting, there are several different models that have various colors, brightness, bulb types, and other characteristics.

What is OEM side-marker lighting for a Porsche?

OEM is an auto-industry abbreviation that stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. When a car company like Porsche decides to make a new vehicle, they contract out some of the work to exterior manufacturers. These are called OEMs because they are the original producers of certain parts for each model and year of car. Side-marker lights are one such part: for each new Porsche, one manufacturer had the task of producing the side lighting. This matters because an OEM part is an exact replacement for what the car shipped with when it was brand-new. Any light that is not OEM is considered aftermarket. It might be similar to an OEM light, but it also can differ in one or more aspects.

What lens color options are available for Porsche side lights?

There are a total of four different colors for most Porsche lights: amber, red, clear, and tinted. Some units also have yellow. Usually this is not a matter of options, but function: turn indicators are yellow while brake lights are red, for example. This makes it easier for other drivers to understand the unique purpose of each light, so its important to get the right color for each light fitting.

What is color temperature?

For clear lights, color temperature is a measure of the color of the light they shed. The word "temperature" is slightly misleading, because this has nothing to do with heat. It is a scale measured in degrees Kelvin. At the bottom of the scale is yellowish light. The middle range of the scale is white light. The top end is blue light. Clear lighting will have a color-temperature rating like 4000K, which indicates a color that is in the upper end of white and close to blue.

What bulb types are used for side-marker lights?

The main bulb technology in modern production is LED. An LED light produces a narrow, focused beam with a color temperature that generates mostly white light. When it comes to marker lights, LED bulbs are replacing halogen bulbs, the older style, which had an omnidirectional glow and yellow color. LED lights are more efficient and last longer. Both LEDs and halogen bulbs are available for Porsche cars that support their use.