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Car and Truck Turbo Chargers and Parts

A turbo charger is a device that increases the power, efficiency, and performance of an internal combustion engine by compressing the air from the exhaust flow and forcing it into the combustion chamber. The charger consists of a turbine and an air pump to compress the air, thus leading to a more robust fuel mixture and more power during the combustion process. Make sure that the parts you purchase from eBay Motors are compatible with the particular make, model, and year of your vehicle.

What are the main types of turbo chargers?

These are the most common types of chargers:

  • Single turbo: This is the simplest type of charger, so it has a relatively limited boost range.
  • Twin turbo: This device consists of two separate chargers operating in sequence or parallel to one another. In a sequential turbo, one charger runs at low speeds and the other at higher speeds. In a parallel turbo, they are both given part of the exhaust.
  • Twin scroll turbo: This charger features a divided-inlet turbine, which forces the pulsing exhaust gas to flow through separate spirals, or scrolls. This means less overlap between the pulses and more efficient exhaust use.
  • Variable-geometry turbo: This charger features a ring of vanes that can adjust the air flow to match the revolutions of the engine. It is more common in high-performance engines or diesel engines. A variation of this charger type combines the variable geometry design with the twin scroll setup, similar to a twin turbo charger.
How much extra air does a turbo charger provide?

This depends on the quality of the turbo charger. The typical turbo charger forces an average of approximately 7 pounds per square inch of additional air pressure into the engine compared to the standard vehicle. This equals around 50% of extra air pressure. However, because the combustion process is not perfectly efficient, the performance boost will be somewhat smaller than this.

What are some components you can add to the charger?

The following components can be added to or included with the charger upon installation:

  • Intercooler: As the pressure of the air increases, so too will the temperature of the engine. The intercooler compensates for this by cooling down the intake air.
  • Water injection: This is an alternative to the intercooler. It uses water instead.
  • Wastegate: This valve regulates how much exhaust gas flows into the charger and therefore the amount of boosting.
  • Blow-off valve: This valve is located between the charger and inlet. It vents off excessive pressure to prevent a buildup from damaging the engine.