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Valve Stems and Caps for Hyundai

The valve stems in your tires play an important role in inflating your wheels and keeping the tires sealed. When you need to replace valve stems and caps for Hyundai tires, there are many options available. Here are some of the questions that may come up when selecting parts.

What types of valve stems are available for your Hyundai?

Understanding the types of tire valves available can be helpful when you need to select a replacement. There are three main types of tire valve stems for your Hyundai:

  • Tubeless rubber snap-in valves are designed for tires with a pressure at 65 pounds per square inch. These are most common in passenger vehicles and can have different lengths to fit your wheels.
  • High-pressure tubeless snap-in valves are set up for tires that allow for a maximum of 80 pounds per square inch. These tire valves have a thicker rubber base with a metal barrel.
  • High-pressure metal clamp-in valves are used when your vehicle will be running at high speeds. These valves use a thick rubber base along with an external retaining nut that can be tightened. The maximum for these tire valves is 200 pounds per square inch.
What is a TPMS sensor in the Hyundai?

The tire pressure monitoring system in your Hyundai uses a series of sensors located inside of the tires to monitor the air pressure of the wheels. Some sensors are attached to the tire valves, while others replace the valves entirely as a single unit. When selecting TPMS sensor valves, you will want to select models that are compatible with your existing monitoring system.

What are tips for selecting Hyundai valve stems and caps?

Selecting tire valve stems and caps for Hyundai tires can be difficult with the different options available. Following these tips can be helpful in the selection process:

  • Find parts that are compatible with your car. You will want to know the make, model, and year of your car. This information will help you locate valve stems that will fit the size of your tires.
  • Select a style of valve stems and caps. There are standard caps that are made of plastic, or you can select from caps with chrome coverings that match the hubs of your car.
  • Select a brand. You can choose from OEM parts that will match factory specifications, or you can select from aftermarket parts that can be helpful if you’ve upgraded the wheels on your car.
What companies manufacture valve stems and caps for the Hyundai?

When you need to change the valve stems and caps for your car, you have many options to select from. If you prefer options from the original equipment manufacturer, you can select from companies like Hyundai. With aftermarket options, you may need to make adjustments to allow the stems to fit properly. There are also many unbranded options that can meet your needs.