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Valve Stems and Caps for Porsche

You can replace or upgrade various tire accessories on your Porsche, including valve stems and caps. Whether you have a damaged valve stem or you want to make an upgrade, there are options available. Exploring what is out there will allow you to get the desired valve stems and caps for Porsche that you need.

What are valve stems?

Valve stems are the small part that sticks out of the tire, and it allows you to put air into the tires. When a valve stern is worn, air can leak from the tire.

How are valve stem covers installed?

On top of the tire valve stem is a cap that helps keep the valve stem in good condition. If you lose the cap, you will want to replace it for aesthetic purposes as well as to protect the valve stem and keep the air inside the tire.

Valve stem covers are easy to install. Before replacing the cap, you will want to make sure that the valve stem is in good condition. From there, you will simply screw the cap into place. There is threading on the valve stem itself that will keep the cap in position.

What are some of the features of Porsche tire accessories?

There are all sorts of different features found within tire valve stems and caps, allowing you to choose the functions and designs that are important to you.

  • Tire pressure monitoring sensor on the valve
  • Porsche crest on cap
  • Engine details on cap
What are Porsche genuine accessories?

Oftentimes, you will find auto parts identified as Porsche genuine parts. These are components that are made specifically for Porsche. Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM is another common term used to identify genuine accessories. OEM parts are used by Porsche dealerships and the factory on specific models. You will also be able to find aftermarket parts, which includes all other manufacturers that are not OEMs.

Will any tire valve stem and cap work for Porsches?

Its important to buy the tire valve stems and caps that are made specifically for your Porsche. There are a few details to review so that you get auto components that fit properly.

  • Car specs: Identify the model and year of your Porsche to get the right fit and design.
  • Tire size: The size of your tire should be considered when getting TPMS sensors and other items.
  • Design: Review the design you want on the stems, such as a painted crest versus a Boxster emblem.
  • Set: You can buy a single replacement or a set for all four tires.